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Hook En 400
According to a story from the far reaches of the East, a man was walking alone at night along a steep path near a mountain peak. The sky was covered with thick clouds. It was pitch black. Suddenly, he stumbled, lost his footing and fell into the void. Instinctively, he reached out his hand and managed to grab onto a thick branch that extended out from the edge of the cliff. He called for help, but the only response was his own voice echoing through the ravine. There was no one there to hear him.
A few hours later, he felt his strength abandoning him. His anguish grew. When he could hold on no longer, the first light of dawn began to dissolve the dense darkness. He looked down and laughed as he saw that just a few inches below his feet, there was a large, flat rock. He could have let go of the branch at any time during the night and stood on it. But he would have done so without knowing. Without being certain. By overcoming every fear, real or imagined…




What happens when animals start talking? And what happens when they make totally sense?
And what is the connection between a Greek businessman, and Indian monk, a well kept scientific experiment and a CIA manhunt.
If you are interested well you better get your hands in this book because there are more truths to be revealed.
Several almost irrelevant stories come together in a scheme of epic proportions that brings people from all across the globe in the center of an event meant to change all mankind.
I loved the author’s voice, his way of thought and reasoning was very familiar to me and his knowledge of science, religion and economics shows me that he has done his homework.
Overall I really liked it and especially the religious note was a revelation.
Well... I had things to do this morning... but I started to read Hook and wasn't able to put it down until I finished so those things remain undone... just as well I'm on vacation!
I approached this book with a little trepidation as I had read a review likening it to a Dan Brown novel, and I thought, oh no, not another copycat "religious relic conspiracy" novel, but Hook took me by surprise. Told from the varying viewpoints of the main protagonists in the story, this is a complex tale involving reincarnation, an abduction of a scientist, a romance, the imminent destruction of the earth and the creation of a possible saviour, however surprisingly it was an enjoyably easy read. Tsamis has created an original story that generally moves at a fair pace, though he does tend to get a little didactic at times (we could have done without a few of the mini history lessons, like the history of Google for example, as they did slow the plot down) I genuinely cared about the characters, and was particularly intrigued by Hanks, wondering who he was and how he was going to fit into the story. My biggest criticism of Hook was that it all ended quite suddenly, I was ready for at least another hour's reading before the resolution, only to see I had another 20 or so pages to go and couldn't imagine how Tsamis could finish the story in so few pages. This story also lacks the large body count you often get in thrillers these days, so I suspect that Tsamis likes his characters a little too well to go bumping them off to progress the plot !
Despite the thought provoking subject matter, this is a great Summer holiday read and one I'd recommend.
An enjoyable read, with a unique plot full of humor, mystery and eastern spirituality. There is a second book that continues and i want to know how the story finally ends.
So today I decided to read Hook The moment I started reading the first chapter, I was so engrossed and enthralled right from the start to the end with no break .

Wow,simply amazing.I love all these characters expecially Kostanstinos. It touched my heart when I read that Kostanstinos has to step aside and allowed the woman he loves with her ' other half ' to save humanity.

Reading Kostanstinos 's thoughts and his interaction with ' Hook' the parrot.It was a bit humorous to see ' Hook ' interacting with humans through various means.

Kostanstinos is my favorite character among all and love the cute baby Little Stavros too. Love the mystery plot . It got me hooked and thinking ' now what's going to happen if they catches them' and all.

Wish the ending was a bit longer as I would love to know how their life are and about Little Stravos too.This is the first book I have read about reincarnation and unconditional love and others. loved it!! :)

You have done a good job in writing this book.Congratulations!!!

The storyline was beautiful, it's a refreshing balm to read this sort of utopian, idealistic 'saving-the-world' story, like listening to beautiful calming music.
Somehow, despite the challenges, you always feel it will work out - perhaps it could have more of the foreboding doom-and-gloom to make the peace and joy even brighter?
I wish it went on a bit longer - any chance of a book 2?
I enjoyed reading the "Hook". It's creative, fast-paced, filled with intriguing ideas on karma, destiny, love, soul-mates and reincarnation.
The characters are well-imagined and well-described, but it was hard for me to connect with them or care for them.
The suspense part was good enough, but not mind-blowing.

I recommend it to anyone that looks for a refreshing read and wants to (re)consider some views on spirituality.