Welcome to my new website. My name is Nicolas Tsamis and I am the author of four fiction novels up until now. All four are written in Greek and only my first one, "Hook", is translated in English.

"Hook" has won the "Novel of the Year " award and it is available both in paperback and ebook formats. Paperback format can be ordered in Greece here on this website and on in the rest of the world. Ebook format can be downloaded from any of the "Order Worldwide" choices below.

"Hook" is a sequel of two books: "Hook" and "Buddy". The second one "Buddy" will be soon translated in English too. I will let you know of any further related developments.

Thank you for visiting and I wish you enjoy my site.


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ISBN: 978-960-93-3284-2

    According to a story from the far reaches of the East, a man was walking alone at night along a steep path near a mountain peak. The sky was covered with thick clouds. It was pitch black. Suddenly, he stumbled, lost his footing and fell into the void. Instinctively, he reached out his hand and managed to grab onto a thick branch that extended out from the edge of the cliff. He called for help, but the only response was his own voice echoing through the ravine. There was no one there to hear him.
A few hours later, he felt his strength abandoning him. His anguish grew. When he could hold on no longer, the first light of dawn began to dissolve the dense darkness. He looked down and laughed as he saw that just a few inches below his feet, there was a large, flat rock. He could have let go of the branch at any time during the night and stood on it. But he would have done so without knowing. Without being certain. By overcoming every fear, real or imagined...

About the Author

  Nicolas Tsamis was born and raised in Athens, Greece. He works as a freelance program analyst while also writing. Hook is his first published novel, awarded as "Novel of the year" in Greece. Three more novels have been published till now but not yet translated in English. The first one is "Buddy", which is actually the second part of the "Hook" sequel, the second one is "The Coordinator" which is a stand alone novel on science fiction genre and his latest one is G.O.D. "Give Or Die" on fiction genre.

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